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Top 5 most sold burger in NL

NL's favorite vegan doner

Powerfull synergy

Avg. Revenue p/m

Incl. VAT - August - on Live locations








Gross margin per month

Royalty, marketing, foodcosts, Cibo, tech fee and VAT deducted

€ 4000

€ 1800

€ 5800

Per Order

Hands-on time per order

4 min

4 min

4 min

Average order value

Incl. VAT




Gross margin per order

royalty fee, marketing, foodcosts and VAT deducted

€ 7.15

€ 6

€ 6.60



CIBO, fryer


CIBO, fryer

Unique ingredients




Storage | freezer | fridge| dry (L)

1500 | 500 | 500

500 | 500 | 500

1500 | 500 | 500

Fixed fee per month

CIBO & Techfee

€ 195

€ 45

€ 240

Franchise 3.0

You do the cooking - We do the rest!

- 35% Platform + Franchise fee

- Flexible contract + Trial Period

- We do all the marketing for you

- Full Franchise Support

- Start within 4 weeks

- Multiple Brands

- High Margins

What we do for You

What took us 5 years to develop can be yours to sell in weeks

What are Host Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants?

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- Virtual restaurants brands are delivery-only food concepts that are optimised for delivery platforms.

Bright Kitchen developed 30+ different virtual brands in the last five years.

Always with the online customer in mind and with the best marketing partners for visibility.

Our brands allow for speedy delivery, best in class ratings (>4.6 stars)

and the highest margins for you, the host preparing the menu's.

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-A host kitchen prepares another brand's menus for local delivery.

Within weeks you can start as a host kitchen and start selling one or multiple of our high performing brands from your kitchen.

Our customers order via Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Thuisbezorgd who manage the delivery. Bright Kitchen takes care of everything else.

All you need to do as a partner is to prepare the food - and even that we've made ridiculously simple.

Live orders VBB




Gas station


Sports Canteen

Cloud kitchen



Coffee Room

Office Canteen



Juice bar




Step 1

Together with the operational manager at the location we set out 9 short digital meetings in 3 weeks in which we execute on the onboarding. The meetings cover topics such as getting set up with our suppliers, training and rostering of staff and our KPI's.

Step 2

Executing on the Planning Document. Bright Kitchen onboards the partner with the suppliers and the delivery platforms. We also make sure the Partner has all the tools needed to operate the brand successfully and thatall staff is trained through our online training.

Step 3

Going live! Bright Kitchen's team make's sure all the hardware and software is setup and installed. The final trainings are done in person and we make sure every detail is taking care of. We'll start with a bang, meaning we'll have marketing and promotions lined up. Also there is a direct support line with our Franchise Intranet and Restaurant Succes Manager.

The Average Food Cost of Vegan Burger Brothers


Bright Kitchen creates all menus from scratch . Always with the online customer and delivery driver in mind. We test and validate different products, packaging, ingredients, preparation techniques and scrutinise everything we do by cold hard data such as reviews, food cost, staff cost and preparation time in seconds.


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